EPWP Communications is guided by the Communication Task Team Report (COMTASK) of 1996/97 and revised in 2009/10.

EPWP Communications recognises the following principles:  
  • citizens must be able to access information on opportunities and benefits created through EPWP Programmes;
  • communication is necessary to ensure that government is responsive to the information needs of its citizens; and
  • communication brings about a relationship of understanding and trust between the Programme and all its targeted audience.

EPWP Communications aims to:

    • create an awareness about EPWP;
    • promote visibility about the role and deliverables of EPWP;
    • educate and inform the public;
    • ensure informed media coverage;
    • showcase the achievements of the programme and highlight the impact the Programme has on the poor and unemployed;
    • showcase partnerships with the non-state sectors; and
    • build a recognisable EPWP identity and brand.