Environment And Culture Sector

Environmetal and Culture Sector Overview

The Environment and Culture Sector (E&C)’s contribution to the EPWP involves employing people to work on projects to improve their local environment through programme spearheaded by various departments. The sector builds South Africa’s natural and cultural heritage, and in doing so, dynamically uses this heritage to create both medium and long term work and social benefits.

The objectives of the Sector are as follows:

  • Creating jobs and providing training and through these jobs facilitating long-term employment;
  • Linking the marginalized people with opportunities and resources to enable their participation in the developed “main stream economy”;
  • Integrating sustainable rural development and urban renewal;
  • Creating land-based livelihoods;
  • Promoting community-based natural resource management;
  • Developing the natural resources and cultural heritage;
  • Rehabilitation of natural resources and protection of biodiversity; and
  • Promoting tourism.
EPWP Environment and Culture Sector Programmes

Key Environment and Culture flagship programmes include the following:

  • Sustainable Land-based Livelihoods;
  • Waste Management;
  • Tourism and Creative Industries;
  • Parks and Beautification;
  • Coastal Management; and
  • Sustainable Energy.

The contributing Sector Departments are:

  • Department Environmental Affairs (Overall Lead Sector);
  • Department of Water Affairs;
  • Department of Tourism;
  • Department of Mineral Resources;
  • Department of Energy;
  • Department of Arts and Culture;
  • Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries;
  • Provincial Departments with the same mandate as National Departments listed above and
  • Municipalities within the following units:
    • Environmental Management units;
    • Sport & Recreation units;
    • Waste Management units;
    • Tourism and Heritage Management units; and
    • Arts and Culture units