Training opportunities in the EPWP

In EPWP, training is a cross-cutting function which supports all EPWP Sectors: namely: Infrastructure, Social, Non-State and Environment & Culture. It is implemented in all the provinces and its nature and types of courses are informed by the various sectors and provincial training needs. It ensures that beneficiaries gain skills while they work on EPWP projects with the aim of enhancing their chances of being placed on other viable programmes upon exit from EPWP projects.

Nature of courses and training Programmes

EPWP endeavours to provide accredited training to its beneficiaries in the form of:

  • Skills programmes - Occupationally-directed programme, which comprises of a pre-registered cluster of unit standards.
  • Learnerships - Structured learning programme within a specific industry, which is unit standard based and comprises of more than 120 credits.
  • Artisan Development - Technical training system, including both practical, theoretical and Workplace learning components offered in designated trades to achieve artisan status.
The funding of EPWP Training

EPWP training objectives are aligned to the National Skills Development Strategy and a key source of EPWP training funds is from the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). DPW and DHET have concluded a Memorandum of Agreement for the training of EPWP beneficiaries.

EPWP training also partners with various Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs) in terms of funding and training complaince matters.